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dpapi::credhist describes a Credhist file. Passcape mentions that CREDHIST is a password history file, made out as a chain, where each link represents the user's older password hashes (NT and SHA1). Each time user changes the password, the old password hash is appended to the file and encrypted with a new password. It has the following command line arguments:
  • /in: the path of the CREDHIST. According to this guide, it can be found at C:\users<UserName>\appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Protect\CREDHIST
  • /sid: the Security Identifier of the target user
  • /sha1: the SHA1 hash of the target user password. It can be obtained through sekurlsa::logonpasswords.
  • /password: the password of the target user
mimikatz# dpapi::credhist in:"C:\users<UserName>\appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Protect\CREDHIST"
During our test on a Windows 10 20H2 box, we could not find the CREDHIST file.
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