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crypto::sc lists smartcard/token reader(s) on, or deported to, the system. When the CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) is available, it tries to list keys on the smartcard.
mimikatz # crypto::sc
SmartCard readers:
* OMNIKEY CardMan 3x21 0
ATR : 3bb794008131fe6553504b32339000d1
Model: G&D SPK 2.3 T=1
CSP : SafeSign Standard Cryptographic Service Provider
0. 34C99D73A1FAE4D44F9966DF626623DF18858C83
Type : AT_KEYEXCHANGE (0x00000001)
Exportable key : NO
Key size : 1024
* SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR35xx USB Smart Card Reader 0