can be used to explore remote SMB shares interactively.


It has the following generic command line arguments, similar to many other tools:

  • required positional argument: [[domain/]username[:password]@]<targetName or address> or LOCAL if the user wants to parse a local file (e.g. domain.local/user@dc01, domain/user:password@

  • -hashes: the LM and/or NT hash to use for a pass-the-hash (NTLM). The format is as follows: [LMhash]:NThash (the LM hash is optional, the NT hash must be prepended with a colon (:).

  • -aesKey: the AES128 or AES256 hexadecimal long-term key to use for a pass-the-key authentication (Kerberos).

  • -k: this flag must be set when authenticating using Kerberos. The utility will try to grab credentials from a Ccache file which path must be set in the KRB5CCNAME environment variable. In this case, the utility will do pass-the-cache. If valid credentials cannot be found or if the KRB5CCNAME variable is not or wrongly set, the utility will use the password specified in the positional argument for plaintext Kerberos authentication, or the NT hash (i.e. RC4 long-term key) in the -hashes argument for overpass-the-hash. A Kirbi file could also be converted to a Ccache file using in order to be used by the utility (indirect pass-the-ticket).

  • -no-pass: this flag must be set when an empty password will by used, or no password at all. Without this flag, the user will be prompted for a password when running the utility. This flag is especially useful when using -k.

  • -dc-ip: IP address of the domain controller. If omitted, the positional argument's domain part will be used (it must be a Fully-Qualified-Domain-Name (FQDN) though).

  • -debug: with this flag set, the utility will be more verbose and will possibly print useful information for debug purposes. With this flag set, the utility will also print tracebacks.


  • -target-ip: IP adress of the target machine. If omitted, the positional argument's target part will be used. This argument is useful when NetBIOS name resolution request fail.

  • -port: remote TCP port the utility must connect to. By default, the port is set to 445 since SMB is the protocol used.

  • -file: input file with commands to execute in the mini shell name of the SMB share to search GPP passwords in. By default, this is set to SYSVOL.

# (usage example on a domain controller) 'DOMAIN'/'USER':'PASSWORD'@'DOMAIN_CONTROLLER'


Once the interactive SMB shell (a.k.a. minishell) is opened, many cmdlets can be used (non-exhaustive list below):

  • shares: list available shares.

  • use: connect to a specific share.

  • ls: list all the files and directories in the current directory.

  • cd DIR: change the current directory to.

  • pwd: show the current directory.

  • rm FILE: remove a file. The name of the file to remove is expected for this argument.

  • mkdir DIR: create a directory under the current path.

  • rmdir DIR: remove a directory under the current path.

  • put FILE: upload a file into the current path.

  • get FILE: downloads a file from the current path.

  • mget MASK: download all files from the current directory matching the provided mask.

  • cat FILE: read the file from the current path.

  • mount TARGET PATH: create a mount point from PATH to TARGET (local admin privileges required).

  • umount PATH: removes the mount point at {path} without deleting the directory (local admin privileges required).

  • list_snapshots PATH: lists the vss snapshots for the specified path.

  • info: returns NetrServerInfo main results.

  • who: returns the sessions currently connected at the target host (local admin privileges required).

  • exit: terminates the server process (and this session).

  • password: change the user password, the new password will be prompted for input.

Type help for list of commands

# shares

# use SYSVOL

# ls
drw-rw-rw-          0  Fri Jul  2 15:11:14 2021 .
drw-rw-rw-          0  Fri Jul  2 15:11:14 2021 ..
drw-rw-rw-          0  Fri Jul  2 15:11:14 2021 domain.local

# cd domain.local

# cat domain.local/Policies/{A5C8C37E-9A32-4EA4-AF76-6C094C0117E9}/Machine/Microsoft/Windows NT/SecEdit/GptTmpl.inf
[Group Membership]
*S-1-5-21-1170647656-860703057-891382899-1105__Memberof = *S-1-5-32-544
*S-1-5-21-1170647656-860703057-891382899-1105__Members =

# exit

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