allows to do an ICMP6 ping to an IPv6 address from the specified IPv6 interface. Sufficient rights are needed on the machine to open a raw socket.


This script requires the following positional commands line arguments to work:

  • required positional argument 1: <src ip>: the IPv6 address of the interface to use to send the ping request.

  • required positional argument 2: <dst ip>: the IPv6 address of the target machine to ping.

# Send ping requests from "2001:861:4001:14f0:d7cd:f2cc:9344:a13a" to "2001:861:4001:14f0::2791:ec35"
sudo "2001:861:4001:14f0:d7cd:f2cc:9344:a13a" "2001:861:4001:14f0::2791:ec35"

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