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kerberos::hash computes the different types of Kerberos keys for a given password. It has the following command line arguments:
  • /user: the sAMAccountName of the user
  • /password: the plaintext password
  • /domain: the active directory domain
  • /count: number of iterations
mimikatz # kerberos::hash /user:m3g9tr0n /domain:hacklab.local /password:Super_SecretPass1!
* rc4_hmac_nt b09a14d2d325026f8986d4a874fbcbc7
* aes128_hmac f99e642fe29c8aa84e047876d29fc4f7
* aes256_hmac f5b77681af657ccec49e707c2e2f8fc1dc958088f8dc99f09ce3818183cf2392
* des_cbc_md5 d3f89befcb43ce52
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