This project is part of The Hacker Recipes and is a work in progress. I started it in 2021 and have absolutely no idea when this could be finished (will it ever be?).

The Hacker Tools is focused on documenting and giving tips & tricks on common infosec tools

The 🛠️ emoji is used where work has to be done.

This project is aimed at providing technical guides on various hacking tools.

Keep in mind that these guides are maintained by non-omniscient security enthusiasts in their spare time. You will probably find things missing or mistakes.

📣 Please feel free to contribute, give feedback/suggestions or reach out to me on Twitter (@_nwodtuhs), Discord (Shutdown#2539), IRL or whatever you feel appropriate.

Almost every tool mentioned in theses notes is installed, and sometimes pre-configured, in Exegol, another project of mine of a docker environment ready to hack on day-to-day engagements. It's not much but I use it on all my engagements. Feel free to use it, to contribute, to give feedback etc.

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